About Us

We joined JFFSC because of Jeff’s great Muskoka beer chug training drills for awesome apres ski events and James’ on and off hill shenanigan and awesome pre run leg massages.  We love the JFFSC!”  Paul and Annette Merryweather


Jeff Sinclair

CSIA Level 4, CSIA Level 4 course conductor, CSCF Level 2

His Passion for skiing began in University when he joined as a volunteer with the Canadian Ski Patrol. From there Jeff has spent no less than 100 days per season on skis and is now recognized as one of the premier ski teaching professionals in the country. Jeff has worked as a Ski School Director in Ontario and Alberta and is presently based in Ontario. As a full time ski professional Jeff divides his time doing courses for the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance, Technical Director for the North Toronto Ski Club, Director at The Heights of Horseshoe and co-Director of the Just For Fun Ski Club. Always willing to share his knowledge and passion for skiing, Jeff would love for any and all to join him on the slopes …or for some Apres ski fun!”In the words of Peter Pan “Life is a great adventure” and there is no better place to share that adventure than on the slopes! Join Us” (Jeff Sinclair)


James Scott

CSIA Level 4, CSIA Level 4 course conductor, CSCF Level 2

James caught the ski bug at 4 years old while learning to ski at what is now Jack Pine in North Bay, Ontario and has never looked back. His family moved a lot, giving him opportunities to ski regularly at Centenial, Honey Pot (now Eagles Nest Golf Club), Mount Tremblant and Jay Peak. While working at Mount St. Louis Moonstone, James progressed through his certification levels successfully attaining his Level 4. He currently works for the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance as a course conductor and trainer, does level 4 prep at Alpine Ski Club and is co-Director of the Just For Fun Ski Club. “Training people and watching them in their success is addictive.  I love this job!”