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Our members come from various backgrounds all levels, including ski professionals looking to enhance their skills and prepare for advanced certifications, as well as avid skiers seeking the camaraderie of like-minded individuals.

When you experience a JFFSC session and you'll be assigned to a group tailored to your skill level, needs, and preferences. You can expect a top-notch session with individualized attention and video analysis. By the end of your session, you'll have a clear roadmap for improvement.

Our Expert Staff consists of passionate and highly qualified CSIA Level IV professionals who are dedicated to their craft. They love what they do and are carefully selected for their ability to deliver the ultimate guest experience.

Join us for unforgettable skiing experiences and make lasting memories with the Just for Fun Ski Club!

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Over 20 years of Fun! Pre-helmet retro look at Just for Fun Ski Club.

"Not only do I improve my skills year in and year out (or at least they tell me I do), but it makes my winter!  I’ve been skiing with the same people for over a decade now and the laughs and good times we share is as important to us as the skills we work on.  Keep it up guys!"

Mitch Gorski

"I have trained with Jeff, James and the rest of the JFF team for many years. My teaching and ski technique has continued to improve because of the high level of instruction and coaching. I strongly recommend any committed skier to train with us and experience our “enthusiasm" and camaraderie."


“If you don’t think it was worth your time and money, we will give you your money back.”

Jeff and James

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