JFFSC Covid Policy and Procedures for 2020-21 season

We will continually monitor and follow local public health guidelines and we will adhere to local rules for each resort we ski at.

  1. Groups will be limited to max 8 persons and preassigned and informed of meeting location and time prior to meeting.
  2. If you have a “ bubble” you wish to ski with please let us know two weeks prior to first day of your program.
  3. To start season we plan to change and lunch in our cars.  There will be no organized group lunches.
  4. Members and staff must wear required face coverings.
  5. Members and staff must allow for physical distancing.
  6. To ensure you can access resort we recommend a seasons pass at that resort (Alpine excluded).
  7. Members and staff must stay home if sick.
  8. Please report immediately if you have been exposed or contracted Covid 19.

If you feel sick and have to miss a day(s). We will work with you to make that day(s) up.  Only if we are unable we will give you a refund at the end of the season as follows:

Regular Membership per day missed due to Covid (includes HST)

    • Week day programs $108
    • Wednesday Nights $48
    • Bump Camp $144
    • Teaching Camp $134
    • Intensive Camp $119

Silver / Gold / Platinum missed days due to Covid

    • (Membership-10%) / (Total days in Membership) = Refund per day 


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